Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Duplicate posts

We have two posts on IBM's strategy (here and here). While I would not like to have many multiple postings, I think it is normal that when a business issue is important it gets covered twice or three times. When you are writing a posting and someone is faster than you, make sure to stick to two rules: first, quote the other posts on the issue, and explicitly acknowledge their perspective (do not just say ‘the posting exists’ but say ‘our colleagues argued that such move is a positive because of blah in their posting’). Second, avoid including the same quotes or expressions for the article. Also make sure you have a distinct perspective, different than those of your predecessors.

One further piece of advice: if you are not a native English speaker, please make sure some native takes a quick look at your posting and gets rid of the main grammatical mistakes.

Apart from this, our initial postings are pretty high quality, and I am quite confident our experiment is going to be successful.


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